What Can I do With GENI?

The GENI platform is very open-ended, but it’s intended to be an environment for:

  • Exploring gigabit networks
  • Implementing new routing rules in those networks
  • Writing applications which leverage these networks


Here are a few project ideas that are possible with GENI tools and resources.

Write an application that can utilize gigabit connections

Gigabit internet connections are the future. So what kind of network-reliant applications could you build that aren’t possible with the typical consumer internet speeds of today?

Test how different protocols are affected by network bottlenecks

If you wanted to compare, for instance, how TCP and UDP perform under different levels of network congestion, you could easily simulate that with GENI

Build distributed applications

You have considerable computing and network resources available via GENI, so you can develop and test your next-generation distributed applications over gigabit links.

Design an alternative to the IP protocol

Is IP holding you back? Define the rules that a router follows for forwarding packets, and experiment with what could be the internet’s future backbone protocol.

Going Forward

Are you ready to dig into GENI? Check out the prerequisites to make sure you can hit the ground running.